My name is Alexis Brakke.

I was born on November 9th 1986, raised in a family with two brothers. Father soldier and mother police officer. I serve in the military. After obtaining my high school diploma, I started at the Royal Military NCO School. Here I graduated and untill this day i'm a non-commissioned officer.


My creativity was developed early on, as a little boy I loved to tinker with all kinds of things. In 2012 I started living together with my girlfriend in the old house of my grandparents.

While cleaning up, I found my grandfather's old painting trunk. This is where my passion for painting started. The idea that you can make something lasting that people can enjoy forever. I decided to learn how to paint. It started with a self-study on the internet. I ended up on a TV programme from the 80s via Youtube. Bob Ross was my first teacher.

Every summer, I go on holiday to Lazise; one of the oldest fortified towns, situated on Lake Garda. That is also where I started diving. With flippers, an old diving mask and a shovel, in the old port of Lazise to the bottom, looking for everything lost through the centuries. Also in the Summer of 2014. On my daily round in the old harbour I suddenly saw an artist painting the harbour there. I complimented him on his beautiful painting and we struck up a conversation. He was interested in what I was doing underwater. In the days that followed, I admired his work every day and proudly showed him my underwater finds.

One day, I showed him my Bob Ross paintings. He asked me to sit with him. He wanted to give me painting lessons. From that moment on, the friendship between Alex and me started. Since 2017, I can call him Maestro, a sign that I am officially his pupil. In that year I went to Italy to paint with him for a longer period of time. From this experience came my first painting of an armoured howitzer; a representation from the Defence Exercise Bison Drawsko in Poland.

Meanwhile, Alex moved to southern Italy last year and entrusted me with painting the village of Lazise. Here in porto nuovo Lazise I was able to sell my first paintings in the summer of 2020. With the proceeds, I founded Gallery Lazise. In this way, we artists remain connected.